Meet our Robots

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Maxxy is an upgrade from our “Red Racer” robot. Maxxy can go faster, jump higher and go over rougher terrain…

Ferrari McFerrari Face

We took an off-the shelf remote control Ferrari 458 italia and converted it into a robot with a camera.

Red Racer

Pi Racer

A computer vision controlled autonomous vehicle for QUT’s Droid Racing Challenge (DRC) challenge.


The Red Fox

Arduino Line Follower

EV3 Mindstorms – Wall follower.

EV3 Mindstorms – Balancer

EV3 Mindstorms – Rubiks cube solver

Kevin – IoT mecanum




Robot Bucket List

We have a list of Robotics projects we’d like to complete.

To view our bucket list or make some suggestions, please click on the following link.

If you’d like to contribute or join us, please contact us.

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