Line Follower League (LFL)

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Welcome to the Line Follower League!!!

The purpose for the Line Follower league is to create a community of robot enthusiasts…

The aim is to create a line following robot to race against the clock, but the bigger picture is to demonstrate your skills to the community and build a stronger community to create robots for the real world.

And yes, we’ve been asked to build robots for commercial applications and we need people to help us deliver robots…

We know that robots require people from all different skill sets and it’s hard for one person to understand every aspect of a commercial robot.

We want people from all aspects of the community to come along and that includes people who don’t even make robots!!!

Our community needs, marketers, sales people, investors, manufacturers, tradies, builders, lawyers, business people, admin…. well, anyone that likes robots and can help the community grow.

Races will be held on the first Thursday of each month at ‘The Edges’ fabrication lab which is part of the Queensland State Library between 6pm and 8pm.

Click the following link to view the event on Facebook.

Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an Adult.

Simple Line Follower.

Can’t Make it to the Races?

We’ll Youtube live stream the event and Share a link on Facebook. You can watch from home and race from home too…

Be sure to join our Youtube channel and Facebook page to keep updated.

How to Build a Line Follower for less than $20

Click the link below for the instructions on how to build a line follower for less than $20.

How to Win.

Vehicles will be ranked in order of POINTS then fastest time.

Scoring POINTS.

Your vehicle must travel as far as possible from the START to the FINISH without “losing the track” and SCORE as many points in the fastest time.

Your vehicle will be awarded a score(s) for each TILE it completes and any MISSION points for each TILE.

Tied Scores.

If scores are tied, the winner will be the vehicle which completed that score in the fastest time.

Special TILES may include a MISSION score. For example, make you vehicle stop on a red square for 2 seconds for a MISSION score.


There are two categories for Line Follower League (LFL), OPEN and STOCK.

In the OPEN category, there are NO vehicle restrictions.

In OPEN category you are free to choose your chassis materials, size, processor, sensors, batteries and motors.

There are absolutely NO restrictions…. Use quantum computing, AI and computer vision, we want to see what you can do!

The STOCK category must be made from the original build instructions.

Only code modifications are allowed in the STOCK category.


The START time is when the vehicle leaves the start line and all 5 lights are no longer lit on the light sensor.

If your vehicle (OPEN category) does not have a light sensor, you will need to have a sensor to detect when your vehicle is above the START/FINISH lines and use that sensor to record your START/FINISH times.

The FINISH time will either be the time the vehicle crosses the FINISH line and ALL 5 lights are lit on the light sensor OR When the vehicle owner calls ‘FINISH’ (Voluntary completion.) OR The referee calls ‘LOST’ to indicate loss of track.

Download the Track.

Coming soon.



The black line (15mm wide) which the vehicle must follow.

The TILES which make up the track will always increase in SCORE value or remain the same as the track progresses.

Losing the TRACK

Your vehicle is deemed to have LOST the track if the ANY part of the vehicle is no longer above the TRACK.

If your vehicle loses the TRACK, your race has finished.

Your SCORE will be the TILES which you have completed (Front of the vehicle must have left the tile) and their MISSION scores.


A section on TRACK. Typically an A4 sheet of paper.

Each tile will have a completion score which contributes to your final SCORE.

The tile completion score and mission score is printed on the tile.

The mission will also be printed on the TILE.

Each tile will show what is required on each tile to achieve the relevant score.

For example, You may be awarded points for completing a tile, there may also be additional points awarded for achieving missions on a tile. (i.e Stop on Red Marker for 2 seconds for 50 points.)


For STOCK category. Timing will be done visually and rounded UP to the nearest second.

For OPEN category, timing will be done on-board. Your vehicle will need to include code to record the time it passes the START and FINISH lines.

In the OPEN category, the alternative FINISH for losing the track is to have a EMERGENCY STOP (Hardwired or Remote Operated). This will be considered your FINISH time if you do not have an automated ‘loss of track’ algorithm.

In OPEN category, you may use remote communication to record your vehicles FINISH time.

In OPEN, all actions must be autonomous. No manual input is allowed during the race or the vehicle will be disqualified.

If your vehicle uses a remote FINISH time, the vehicle must also come to complete STOP.


The start and finish tiles will be indicated by a line.


Race results will be ranked and published.

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