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How we help your superannuation grow.

We provide you with the best investment insights and investment strategies to maximise your long term growth for the lowest risk and effort possible.

Our aim is to out perform the Australian market index. The Australian market index (black) has been growing at 7.29% p.a. for the last 5 years.

Our best high growth fund grew 17.32% p.a. during the same period.

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    How much is your superannuation growing?

    Your superannuation’s fund 5 year performance should be shown on your superannuation statement or on their website. How does your superannuation fund compare?

    As shown in the 5 year charts above (2015–2020), our top ten funds outperformed the Australian market index (black).

    This period includes the COVID-19 crash in March 2020.

    The market index (black) is typical of most superannuation, industry and low fee fund performances.

    More interestingly, our best growth fund invests in the same assets that a typical balanced or growth superannuation fund has.

    56 of our funds outperformed the Australian market index over 5 years!!!

    Our investment philosophy

    We know the four keys to wealth are….

    Our investments need to survive market crashes so that we can recover and continue to grow over the long term.

    We need faith in governments providing stimulus to keep the world money supply growing which supports our investments.

    We invest in Growth funds to maximise our profits.

    We continually Balance our funds to lock in profits.

    Why we look for growth funds, not low fees.

    It’s simple math: compound interest is the best way to grow your superannuation. If you want to achieve your investment goals, you need to invest in growth funds.

    Financial Planning 101: Compound Interest | Remove the Guesswork

    Starting with $100,000, in the chart below you can clearly see the difference between 10% and 15% growth over 30 years!!!

    That’s a difference of $4.8 million dollars!!!

    What would you do with an extra $4.8 million dollars during retirement?

    If you want your superannuation to grow, there’s no doubt growth funds are better than low fee funds.

    The decisions you make TODAY will have a large impact on your retirement.

    Have Faith in the Market foundations.

    Yes, the nature of the beast with high growth funds is volatility, especially during market crashes.

    However, the foundation of every market recovery is via government stimulus packages which increase the money supply and boost economies and markets.

    A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking... |  Uplifting quotes, Words of encouragement, Positive words

    As long as the United States government (and other governments) print money, the market will always recover after a market crash.

    Be patient and ride out the volatility.

    The people who have lost their money are those that lost their capital through poor money management and margin calls (borrowing money) or sold at the bottom.

    If they had better money management strategies and stayed in, they would have recovered their losses within a few years.

    The curious case of low U.S. money velocity | This Time it is Different

    If you look at history, the market has ALWAYS recovered. It pays to be patient…. It may take several years to recover, but the market has always recovered due to increased money supply.

    Here's the truth about the stock market in 16 charts | Business Insider

    The higher your ratio in high growth funds, the more time you need to be invested to recover from a crash.

    Some investors lost all their money during the 1987 and GFC crashes. If they had strategies where they didn’t lose their capital, they would have recovered their losses and be in profit by now.

    The key is to survive market crashes so that you can recover.

    All of our high growth investments have sound money management features built in to prevent complete loss.

    The chart below shows the recovery of a high growth fund after the crashes during; the GFC (2008), Greek Crisis (2011) and COVID-19 (2020). The high growth funds keeps surviving and growing!!!

    How we survive market crashes.

    1. Invest in index funds to survive market crashes.
    2. Invest in proven indexes and markets.
    3. Balancing to profit take and lock in profits.
    4. Control your cash/growth fund portfolio mix.
    5. Reduce poor performance risk by investing in several high growth funds.
    6. Quarterly/Annual reviews to ensure we have the best funds.

    Index funds are made of hundreds of individual shares or assets. Popular index funds include the S&P500, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Australian All Ordinaries (XAO).

    You would have heard of these indexes in the nightly news during the financial report.

    Index funds consist of household name shares like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, QANTAS, Virgin, BHP, Rio Tinto, Coles, Woolworths, The banks and more.

    Index funds have lasted the test of time.

    If an indexes asset falls in value (Blockbuster), they drop out of the index and are replaced by new rising assets (Netflix).

    If one asset in an index were to completely disappear and be replaced, the difference is so minimal you wouldn’t even notice.

    The makeup of index funds are revised throughout the year to ensure the index survives the test of time.

    The index has always survived a market crash. Falling shares are removed from the index and new shares are added to the index, giving you the best opportunity to recover from a crash.

    We don’t invest in high risk ventures or start-ups. We only invest in long term, proven indexes and markets.

    Our strategies use auto balancing to profit-take from over performing funds and re-invest into undervalued performing growth funds. This strategy helps us lock in profits and compound growth.

    If you are hesitant and think a crash is possible, you can reduce your investment mix by controlling the proportion of low risk and high risk assets.

    For example, you might start with 90% in cash funds and 10% in high growth funds. As you become more confident with the market, you can slowly increase your ratio of high growth funds over several years.

    There are no guarantees that a high performing fund will continue to perform, therefore we build a portfolio with at least four (4) high growth funds. We call this diversifying for growth.

    We review funds quarterly to determine which funds are performing the best. We change our portfolio to rotate out poor performing funds and add the best performing funds.

    Why we invest in international funds

    Our International funds have been growing at 16.21% p.a. over 5 years.

    International funds are the market leaders by growth and capitalization.

    International index funds consist of household name shares like Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft.

    International funds give us an opportunity to profit from AUS/US dollar fluctuations.

    How does balancing maximise growth and minimise risk?

    The primary aim of balancing is to maximise your growth and minimise your losses.

    The chart above shows a balanced (green), growth (black), high growth (blue) and balancing fund (red).

    A balanced and balancing fund are different. A balanced fund is offered by all superannuation funds. Our balancing fund is very different.

    If you have not made any changes to your Superannuation, your fund will most likely be performing similar to the green and black lines.

    The chart above shows how our balancing strategy performed during the COVID-19 crash during March 2020.

    As you can see, leading into the crash, the balancing strategy (red) outperformed the market index (black) and had similar growth to a high growth fund (blue), although, we were only 50% invested in high growth funds and 50% invested in cash!!!

    During the COVID-19 crash, the balancing fund did not fall as much as the high growth fund.

    After the crash, we switched from 50% Cash and 50% Growth to 0% Cash and 100% growth to maximise our growth during the recovery.

    When the market reached it’s previous highs, the balancing fund switched back to 50% cash and 50% growth.

    As you can see, it’s irrelevant which direction the market moves, if the market goes up, our funds go up, if the market goes down, our funds don’t lose as much, and if the market crashes, we have 50% in cash to invest at rock bottom prices and maximise our growth during the recovery!!!

    Market crashes are now a blessing, not a dream killer!!!

    Whichever way the market moves, we win!!!

    Strategy Recap

    The four (4) keys to wealth are:

    1. Survive market crashes.
    2. Have faith in market recoveries.
    3. Invest in index growth funds.
    4. Balancing to Profit take and lock in profits.

    Why is the Brisbane Robotics Club providing investment information?

    Marty Dunlop is the president of the Robotics Club and is a former Financial Planner (Authorised Rep number: 449-855) and worked for The Financial Link Group and Synchron which are two of the largest non-institutional Financial Planning groups in Australia.

    Marty has an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and recognition in Margin Lending through FASEA.

    Marty has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (Queensland University of Technology – 1997).

    Marty’s experience with programming and math give him an advantage over other investment service providers.

    Marty creates his own computer programs to search for the best investments and automatically scans the world markets daily.

    Marty’s programs are capable of testing market strategies with historical data to provide the best growth strategies for your Superannuation.

    Marty has been investing in world markets since 2003 and was a Financial Planner from 2014 to 2019. Martin sold his Financial Planning business in 2019.

    We don’t manage your Funds, We provide information.

    We are an investment information provider only. We provide you with the best information and strategies so that you can make the best growth from your Superannuation.

    We provide information on several world markets including the Australian Stock Market (ASX), Australian APRA approved Superannuation Funds, Futures (Gold/Silver/etc), Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), NASDAQ (Tesla, Apple, Netflix) and more…

    We can show you simple and effective investment strategies to grow your Superannuation with lower risk and minimal effort while investing in the same assets that most Superannuation funds use.

    You have full control of your Superannuation.

    You will have direct access to your Superannuation via internet login.

    We do not have ANY access to your Superannuation. You have full control.

    You can leave at any time without any exit fees. All you need to do is roll your superannuation to a superannuation fund of your choice.

    Minimum investment amount

    There is no minimum amount.


    The fees for each strategy is the same. This is so that you can change strategies at any time depending on your needs.

    You will get full access to each strategies portfolio selection and balancing instructions so that you can make the best decisions.


    Switching is changing your portfolio mix via online login.

    There are no limits on how many switches you can do per year. Switching usually occurs within 2 business days.

    Market Updates.

    We provide daily market updates for every fund in our Approved Products List to help you make fund re-balancing choices.

    We provide quarterly updates with guidance so you can choose the best performing funds.

    Pay with your superannuation

    You can pay for our services from your superannuation.

    E-mail/SMS notifications.

    No need to check your emails or portfolio every day. We’ll notify you if there are any portfolio updates necessary.

    Why we use a Registered Financial Planner.

    We are a responsible investment information service provider and as such we recommend our approved Financial Planner. Our Financial Planner will ensure sure you are covering all of your superannuation financial risks which include life insurance, income protection, and TPD insurance.

    ASIC approved Superannuation funds.

    All of the superannuation Funds we use are approved by ASIC.

    No Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) necessary.

    All of the funds in our portfolio can be accessed using your personal Superannuation account. You can have your employer’s superannuation paid directly into your account.

    Free Rollup.

    Our superannuation provider has a free Superannuation rollup service. It can find your lost superannuation and consolidte your superannuation funds.

    YouTube Tutorials

    We provide youtube tutorials to show you how to re-balance funds and control your portfolio allocation.

    Clients we tailor for.

    Our strategies are tailored for all investors from high risk investors to low risk investors.

    If you are aggressive and want to fill your portfolio with High Growth funds and maximise your growth, we have a high growth strategy for you to maximise your potential growth.

    If you are a cautious investor and are looking to get back into the market, we have safe strategies for you.

    If you are a beginner, we have a strategy to get you started.

    For experienced investors who are very Pro-active, The manual balancing strategy is designed for you.

    The strategy you choose will also depends on your investment time frame.

    Australian Superannuation Services we offer.

    We have several investment strategies depending on the level of comfort you have with high growth funds and the amount of effort you want to contribute.

    Cash/High Growth Mix90% max – 10% min50% – 50%0% – 100%50% – 50%
    Portfolio ReviewsAnnualAnnualAnnualQuarterly
    Min investment time3 years5 years15 years5 years
    Active effortAnnuallyAnnuallyAnnuallyMonthly
    GrowthLow HighHigh/VolatileVery High

    If you want the best performance from your superannuation, you need to be ‘Pro-Active’. We recommend you start with the ‘Beginner’ or ‘Cautious’ strategies.

    As you gain experience and become more comfortable with your investments, you can upgrade to Pro-Active to maximise your growth.

    The fees for each strategy are the same. This is so you can change strategies at any time depending on your needs.

    You will get full access to each strategies portfolio selection and balancing instructions so that you can make the best decisions.

    How to engage our superannuation services

    Select a superannuation strategy (cautious / beginner / aggressive / pro-active) which suits you. We recommend starting with a cautious or beginner strategy.

    Please contact us using the form below to request a free 15 minute obligation-free phone consultation.

    Do you want better growth from your superannuation? Contact us now to get access…

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