Arduino Learning Board. Real Time Clock.

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The end result.


Setup your Arduino.

Install the Arduino Learning Board Library.



Battery Warning.

A battery is not required to run the clock module.

The clock can be powered from the Arduino using the VCC-5V connection.

We have read that if the clock is powered from the Arduinos power, the clock will send a charge to the battery.

This will cause problems if the battery is not rechargeable.

Apparently a rechargeable battery is preferred. Therefore, if you have the clock powered by the Arduino there is no need to use a battery.

If you decide to use a battery, please do your own research beforehand. Things may have changed since this blog was written.

We were able to operate the clock without a battery without any problems.

Serial Clock operating without battery.

Wiring Diagram.


Arduino Code.

File>Examples>Arduino Learning Board>ALB_ClockSerial

Run the Code.

Upload the code to the Arduino.

Upload the code to the Arduino Board and Open the Serial Monitor (Tools>Serial Monitor).

Change the Baud rate to 9600.

Change the Date

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