Robot Bucket List

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Do you have an idea for a robot or a suggestion on how we can get more robots to help humans with our daily lives?

Maybe you want to join a robotics project to learn or contribute? Maybe you can point us in the right direction?

Perhaps you have a project you’ve created and want to join our community to improve or distribute it?

Making a functional robot is not easy…. It’s takes a lot of people from different backgrounds to work together to create a robot that people want to use.

You don’t need to know how to code to help make a robot. We need researchers, marketers, users, consumers, business owners, operators, designers, ideas people, investors, coaches, industry experts and anyone that has an idea on how to improve an existing system or get more robots helping humans!!!

If you’d like to contribute on a project, click on the respective projects link in the table below and leave a comment on the blog or github issues page.

The following are a list of projects we’d like to complete:

Project IdeaDescriptionStatus
Create shell scripts to install and compile programs and add to Github.Hardware is King!!! Create Linux scripts to install programs like OpenCV. The scripts will be stored on Github. Scripts should detect architecture and install/compile applicable versions.
Install RetroPi (Emulation station) on PC or Mac.Pacman lives!!! RetroPi is a gaming console emulator for retro arcade games. Research installation methods, Test methods, create a tutorial. progress.
Procedure for taking a robot from an idea to Manufacturing.Eureka!!! Do you have an idea for a robot but don’t know how to commercial it? Develop a procedure to take a robot from idea to the market.
Drink MixerCocktails anyone? Create a robot to make drinks. Receive requests via an app, make the drinks and service with a smile….
Meme libraryThe left cant meme!!! Use OpenCV to open an image (meme), read the text and save the image file name as the text.
Research and Explore Intel RealSense/Tracking Camera SLAM capabilities.Stay in your lane buddy!!! Research and Explore Intel RealSense/Tracking Camera SLAM capabilities. progress.
Where’s Wally finder.Where’s Wally!!! From Peter Corke’s text book of Robotic Vision. Create an AI library of Wally, then use the library to find Wally.
Music to Neopixel.Play that Funky Music!!! Play music on a Raspberry Pi which has NeoPixels connected. Have the NeoPixels dance to the music.
AI lie detector.You can’t handle the truth!!! Use vision or audio AI to create the ultimate lie detector.
Cal Servo PID and cycle function.Steady as she goes!!!! PWM Servo Calibration. Add a PID function for slower servo movement and add a cycle function to cycle servos.
ROS2To be or not to be?? Learn how to use ROS simulation with TurtleBot as an example.
Explore Kivy for AppsThere’s an App for that!!! Find some blogs and discover Kivy capabilities. The aim is to discover how to make an App.
Radio frequency using FPV between 2 Raspberry Pi’s.We hear you loud and clear!!! Send data between two Raspberry Pi’s using FPV radio communications.
Drive autonomous car (Maxxy) around the block.Pizzas here!!! Drive autonomous car (Maxxy) around the block. The start for autonomous delivery.
Hack stock quads.You’re mine now!!!! Is it possible to get an off the shelf quad and put our code on it?
Get volt and amp data from 3DR ubecWe have the power!!! Get volt and amp data from 3DR ubec. We need to stop our batteries going under 3V and destroying our LiPo’s.
Get Voltage data from LiPo battery.Gimme all she’s got!!! Read the voltage from a LiPo smart lead.
Get Armageddon working.It’s the end of the world as we know it!!! The arm needs upgrades…. code, image recognition, better design…
Cuda screen saverI see what you did there!!! Create a screen saver using the CUDA demos.
Make Power RailsWe need more power!!! Create a 5V 20A power rail to provide power to our sensors and servos. Progress
Billiards coachDraw for show, follow for dough!!! Use Computer vision and AI to create the ultimate billiards coach. Progress.
Image to ascii conversion. Add colour and Matrix theme.The matrix has you!!! Convert any image to ascii format. Then add colour, then add a “matrix” theme.
Tarot card readerThe future is clear!!! We have a deck of 82 tarot cards and their meanings. Use computer vision to identify a selected card and show its meaning.
Python3 librariesExplore how to use same libraries across all robots using github.
Stock market predictor.Buy low sell high!!! Use AI to identify the next stock market winners!
Market predictorWhere is the future of robotics going? How can we determine which robots to build? Let’s start a forum and start discussing how we can determine what robots the market wants…
Create a flux capacitorWhere we’re going, we don’t need roads!!! Make a flux capacitor, do I need to say anymore??
Enable the GPIO on the Nvidia NanoGimme all she’s got!!! We need to change the pinmux settings… can you help???
Use NeoPixels on ArduinoUse Neopixels on Arduino.
NeoPixel ArraysCreate a nepixel array. progress.
PID tuning.Tune a PID system and create a method to tune an industrial plant. Start with a EV3 lego position follower and grow!!!
AI image recognitionUse OpenCV to create a Haar cascades library. progress.
Install PiCameraLights, Camera, ACTION!!! Install a PiCamera on a Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Nano.
Super Fund ScannerUp,up and away!!! Canstar is good, but it only contains a limited range of super Funds. We know better funds exist, Let’s find them. progress.
Crypto currency miner.There’s gold in them there hills… Build a crypto currency miner.
In progress.

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