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Maxxy is an upgrade from our “Red Racer” robot. Maxxy can go faster, jump higher and go over rougher terrain…

Maxxy uses gps and pixhawk hardware to plan missions and control the car.

We are currently adding vision to assist with avoidance and navigation.

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Build History

Specifications & Techniques used

Car modification (Retro fitting), XMaxx R/c car, Soldering, Wiring, Assembly, 3D printing.

Pixhawk 2.4.1, Mission Planner

Nvidia Nano, Linux.

OpenCV for Cuda.

Lessons Learnt:

Good commenting and documentation is necessary.

Front end user control is necessary

Communication failsafe’s are very important.

Present Capabilities

GPS controlled via Mission Planner.

Future Capabilities

Obstacle avoidance and navigation using Computer Vision.

Build Instructions & Githubs

Specific Tutorials

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