How do you get smarter.

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Why do we need critical thinking.

Examples where critical thinking has made the world better.

How to know what you don’t know.

The goal, A series of tests to determine if something is true or false… unknown.

Innocent til proven guilty?

Have to start at maybe/plausible until proven right or wrong….

Why cant start at true/false… we may already discredit and have a bias.

You may be conditioning to believe something which is false, and you may be anchored to that belief…

Nirvana effect. Bias, depends whether you catch cancer or win lotto…. Has an evoluntary purpose to drive us forward…

Is denial keeping you back?

Identify conflict of interest.

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut, where r u getting your information from?

Remove cognitive biases and emotion.

Remove social proof, branding, judge data on its merits. The source has no weight. All sources can be credible or uncredible.

Normalize all data, same font etc.

Add spelling errors which make no influence to induce a negative bias to all sources.

If this is proven to false, what impact will it have on my decision…

Understand your objective.

Understand what you believe a good/bad outcome would be and see if your research confirms.

Understand a worst case scenario, understand what you are trying to prevent from happening.

Critical thinking Tests.

Sorting the facts from the feelings.

Lizard, emotional and logical brains.

Social pressure. FOMO.

Validate the Data.

How do we know our data is true?

Pascals wager.

Blind test.

Correlation is not causation


Risk Management of possible consequences.







Karl popper. Falsibility.

Conveying your POV

Conversation not a debate. A debate determines who is right or wrong, a conversation determines what is right or wrong.

Ad hominem fallacy – Attacking the person rather than the argument.

Straw man fallacy – A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man“.

Moving the goal posts – Changing their pov once they are proven wrong so they a right again…

What if we could feed random words into a tester, and find new solutions? and as part of the resolution, was a series of further test to explore it’s validity.


  1. Hard to change your mind….

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